1235. Inflammation Of The Bladder

Bleeding, aperients No. 5 and No. 7, the warm bath, afterwards opium; the pill No. 12 three times a day till relieved. Avoid fermented liquors, etc.

1236. Inflammation Of The Bowels

Leeches, blisters, foment tions, iced-drinks, the pills No. 23; move the bowels with clysters, if necessary, No. 24. Avoid cold, indigestible food, etc.

1237. Inflammation Of The Brain

Application of cold to the head, bleeding from the temples or back of the neck by leeches or cupping; aperients No. 1 followed by No. 7. Mercury to salivation No. 18. Avoid excitement, study, intemperance.

1238. Inflammation Of The Kidneys

Bleeding from the arm, leeches over the seat of pain, aperients No. 5, followed by No. 7, the warm bath. Avoid violent exercise, rich living.

1239. Inflammation Of The Liver

Leeches over the right side, the seat of pain, blisters, aperients No. 1, followed by No. 7, afterwards the pills No. 23, till tbe gums are slightly tender. Avoid cold, damp, intemperance, and anxiety.

1240. Inflammation Of The Lungs

Bleeding from the arm, or over the painful part of the chest by leeches succeeded by a blister; the demulcent mixture No. 17 to allay the cough, with the powders No. 18. Avoid cold, damp, and draughts.

1241. Inflammation Of The Stomach

Leeches to the pit of the stomach, followed by fomentations, cold iced water for drink, bowels to be evacuated by clysters; abstinence from all food except cold gruel, milk and water or tea. Avoid excesses, and condiments.

1242. Inflammatory Sore Throat

Leeches and blisters externally, aperients No. 1, followed by No. 7 gargle, to clear the throat No. 20. Avoid cold, damp, and draughts.

1243. Inflamed Eyes

The bowels to be regulated by No. 5, a small blister behind the ear or on the nape of the neck - the eyes to be bathed with No. 39.