Dissolve two oz. borax in three pints of water; be-fore quite cold, add thereto one tea-spoonful of tincture of myrrh and one tablespoonful of spirits of camphor; bottle the mixture for use. One wineglass of the solution, added to half a pint of tepid water, is sufficient for each application. This solution, applied daily, preserves and beautifies the teeth, extirpates tartarous adhesion, produces a pearl-like whiteness, arrests decay, and induces a healthy action in the gums. (See 142.)

145. Camphorated Dentifrice

Prepared chalk, one pound; camphor, one or two drachms. The camphor must be finely powdered by moistening it with a little spirits of wine, and then intimately mixed with the chalk.

146. Myrrh Dentifrice

Pow-dered cuttle fish, one pound; powdered myrrh, two ounces.