Always send off for a surgeon immediately an accident occurs, but treat as directed until he arrives. Burns - If the skin is much injured, spread some linen pretty thickly with chalk ointment (979), and lay over the part, and give the patient some brandy and water if much exhausted; then send for a medical man. If not much injured and very painful, use the same ointment or apply carded cotton dipped in lime-water and linseed oil (938). If you please, you may lay cloths dipped in aether over the parts, or cold lotions (969,970).

2239. Scalds

Treat the same as burns, or cover with scraped raw potato; but the chalk ointment is the best. In the absace of all these, cover the parts with treacle, and duet on plenty of flour.

2240. Body In Flames

Lay the person down on the floor of the room, and throw the tablecloth, rug, or other large cloth over him, and roll him on the floor.

2241. Dirt In The Eye

Place your forefinger upon the cheekbone, having the patient before you; then draw up the finger and you will probably be able to remove the dirt; but if this will not enable you to get at it, repeat this operation while you have a netting-needle or bodkin placed over the eyelid; this will turn it inside out, and enable you to remove the sand, or eyelash, etc, with the corner of a fine silk handkerchief. As soon as the substance is removed, bathe the eye with cold water and exclude the light for a day. If the inflammation is severe, take a purgative and use a refrigerant lotion (969).

2242. Lime In The Eye

Syringe it well with warm vinegar and water (one ounce to eight ounces of water); take a purgative, and exclude light.

2243. Iron or Steel Spirilla: in the Eye - This occurs while turning iron or steel in a lathe. Drop a solution of sulphate of copper (from one to three grains of the salt to one ounce of water) into the eye, or keep the eye open in a wine-glassful of the solution. Take a purgative, bathe with cold lotion, and exclude light to keep down inflammation.

2244. Dislocated Thueb - This is frequently produced by a fall. Make a clove hitch, by pasting two loops of cord over the thumb, placing a piece of rag under the cord to prevent it cutting the thumb; then pull in the same line as the thumb. Afterwards apply a cold lotion (970).

2253. Choking

When a person has a fish bone in the throat, insert the forefinger, press upon the root of the tonguo, so as to induce vomiting; if this docs not do, let them swallow a large piece of potato or soft bread; and if these fail, give a mustard emetic.

2254. Fainting, Hysterics, Etc

Loosen the garments, bathe the temples with water or eau de Cologne: fresh air; avoid bustle, and excessive sympathy.

2255. Drowning

Attend to the following essential rules: - 1. Lose no time. 2. Handle the body gently. 3. Carry the body with the head gently raised, and never hold it up by the feet. 4. Send for medical assistance immediately, and in the meantime act as follows: 1. Strip the body, nib it dry: then rub it in hot blankets, and place it in a warm bed in a warm room. 2. Cleanse away the froth and mucus from the nose and mouth. 3. Apply warm bricks, bottles, bags of sand, etc. to the arm-pits, between the thighs and soles of the feet. 4. Rub the surface of the body with the hands enclosed in warm dry worsted socks. 5. If pos sible, put the body into a warm bath. 6. To restore breathing, put the pipe of a common bellows into one nostril, carefully closing the other and the mouth; at the same time drawing downwards, and pushing gently backwards the upper part of the windpipe, to allow a more free admission of air; blow the bellows gently, in order to inflate the lungs, till the breast be raised a little; then set the mouth and nostrils free, and press gently on the chest; repeat this until signs of life appear. When the patient revives apply smelling-salts to the nose, give warm wine or brandy and water. Cautions - 1. Never rub the body with salt or spirits. 2. Never roll the body en casks. 3. Continue the remedies for twelve hours without ceasing

2256. Hanging

Loose the cord, of whatever suspended the person, and proceed as for drowning, taking the additional precaution to apply eight or ten leeches to the temples.

2257. Apparent, Death From Drunkenness

Raise the head, unloose the clothes, maintain warmth of surface and give a mustard emetic as soon as the person can swallow.

2258. Apoplexy And Fits Generally

• Raise the head; unloose all tight clothes, string, &c; apply cold lotions (969,970) to the head, which should be shaved; apply leeches to the temples, and send for a surgeon.

2259. Suffocation from noxious gases, etc. Remove to the fresh air: dash cold vinegar and water in the face, neck and breast, keep up the warmth of the body; if necessary apply mustard poultices to the soles of the feet, and try artificial respirations as in drowning.

2260. Lightning And Sunstroke

Treat the same as apoplexy.