( White arsenic; Orpintent, or yellow arsenic; realgar, red arsenic; Schecle's green, or arsenite of copper; king's yellow; ague drops; and arsenical paste)-E. Little or no taste. Within an hour heat and pain in the stomach, followed by vomiting of green, yellow, and bloody matter, burning, and violent thirst; purging and twisting about the navel; pulse small, quick, and irregular; breathing laboured, voice hoarse, speaking painful; skin cold and clammy. Sometimes there are cramps and convulsions, followed by death - T. Give plenty of warm water, new milk in large quantities, gruel, linseed tea, apply leeches to the bowels, foment, and give starch or gruel enemas. Scrape the iron rust off anything you can get at, mix it with plenty of water, and give in large draughts frequently, and give an emetic of sulphate of zinc (white vitriol.) Caution. Never give large draughts of fluid until those given before have been vomited, because the stomach will not contract properly if filled with fluid, and the object is to get rid of the poison as speedily as possible.