E. An acid, rough, disagreeable taste in the mouth; a dry, parched tongue, with sense of strangling in the throat- coppery eructations; frequent spitting; nausea; fr?auent desire and effort to vomit, or sepous vomuting; severe darting pains in the stomach; griping; frequent purging; belly swollen and painful; skin hot, and violent burning thirst; breathing difficult; intense headache and giddiness; followed by cold sweats, cramps in the legs, convulsions, and death

A. White of eggs mixed with water (12 to one pint), to be given in wine-glassfuls every two minutes; Prussian blue; iron filings mixed with water, or very strong coffee - D. A. Vinegar, bark, alkalies, gall-nuts - T. If there is much pain in the belly or stomach, apply leeches. Give large draughts of milk and water, to encourage vomiting.