In different parts of the kingdom the method of cutting up carcases varies. That which we describe below is the most general, and is known as the English method.

Beef - Fore Quarter. - Fore rib(five ribs ); middle rib (four ribs ); chuck (three ribs ). Shoulder piece (top of fore leg ); brisket (lower or belly part of the ribs ); clod ( fore shoulder blade); neck;shin (below the shoulder); cheek. Hind Quarter. - Sirloin;rump;aitch-bone - these are the three divisions of the upper part of the quarter;buttock and mouse-buttock, which divide the thigh; veiny piece, joining the buttock , 4 thick flank and thin flank ( belly pieces) and leg. The sirloin and rump of both sides form a baron. Beef is in season all the year;best in the winter.

Mutton. - Shoulder; breast (the belly ); over which are the loin (chump, or tail end ). Loin (best end); and neck (best end); neck (scrag end). A china is two necks: a saddle, two loins;then there are the leg and head. Mutton is the best in Winter, Spring, and Autumn.

Lamb is cut into fore quarter and hind quarter; a saddle, or loin; neck, breast, leg, and shoulder. Grass lamb is in season from June to August.

Pork is cut into leg, hand, or shoulder: hind-loin; fore-loin; belly-part; spare-rib (or neck); and head. Pork is in season nearly all the year.

Veal is cut into neck (scrag-end); neck (best end);loin (best end); loin (chump, of tail end);fillet (upper part of the hind leg); hind knuckle (which joins the fillet knuckle of fore leg; blade (bone of shoulder); breast (best end ); breast (brisket end) and hand. Veal is always in season, but dear in the Winter, and Spring.

237. Venison is cut into haunch (or back); neck; shoulder;and breast. Doe venison is best in January, October, November, and December, and Buck venison in June, July, August, and September.

Ox-tail is much esteemed for purposes of soup;so also is the cheek. The tongue is highly esteemed.

Calves' Heads are very useful for various dishes;so also their knuckles FEET, HEART, &C.