Our chief object in roticing the adulteration of this article is to insure its purity in the making of cements, which is of the utmost importance. (-See 78.) Isinglass is a' preparation from fishes' bladders, and it is found to be adulterated with gelatine. Take a few hreads of the substance, drop some nto boiling water, some into cold water and some into vinegar. In the boiling water the isinglass will dissolve; in cold water it will become white and "cloudy;" and in vinegar it will •well and become jelly-like. In boiling water gelatine will not so con pletely dissolve as isinglass; in cold water it becomes clear and jelly-like; and in vinegar it will harden.

2413. Lard is adulterated with potato flour, water, salts, carbonate of soda, and caustic lime. Take a small portion of the suspected lard, and evaporate it upon a hot iron pan or plate, when the admixed substances will be deposited thereon.

2414. Marmalade is found to be adulterated with course apples, Swede turnips, and course pumpkins. These substances may be easily detected by washing off the saccharine matter in tepid water. Generally speaking, however, it is only the low-priced marmalades that are thus admixed.

2415. Milk is adulterated with water, and coloured with anatto.

2416. Mustard and Pepper are both adulterated with inferior grain, husks of seeds, and even dust of a variety of descriptions. Having your pepper-mill, purchase the seed whole, and grind for yourself. You will then obtain the pure article at a moderate cost.

2417. Oatmeal is adulterated with barley-flour and the husks of barley. A pint of pure oatmeal will weigh heavier than a pint of the adulterated.