These are found to be adulterated with various compounds; but the greatest evil lies in the fact that they are frequently impregnated with copper. In the case of preserves, the copper probably proceeds from the use of copper pans in making the preserves, but with regard to pickles, copper is employed to improve their color, and sulphuric acid to strengthen bad vinegar. Th8 best way is to avoid purchasing the pickles sold in clear glass bottles, and presenting a most tempting appearance.

2419. Potted Meats and Fish are adulterated with inferior sub-stances, and colored with bole armenian and Venetian red.

2420. Porter and Ale are adulterated with cocculus indicus, tobacco, grains of Paradise, capsicum, ginger, quassia, wormwood, calamus root, can-away and coriander-seeds, orange powder, liquorice, honey, sulphate of iron, sulphuric acid, cream of tartar, alum, carbonate of potash, oyster shells, hartshorn shavings, fabia amara, or nux vomica, and beans for fining. Beer which is quickly "heady" rapidly intoxicating, may be regarded as drugged. The large brewers supply the purest. The publicans adulterate after they receive supplies from the brewers.

2421. Rum is adulterated with water, and sharpened with cayenne pepper. Let it stand in a decanter, and if a cloudy precipitate is found at the bottom, that is a sign of adulteration.