Corks should be sound, clean, and sweet. Beer and porter should be allowed to stand in the bottles a day or two before corked. of for speedy use, wiring is not necessary. Laying the bottles on their sides will assist the ripening for use. Those that are to be kept, should be wired, and put to stand upright in saw-dust. Wines should be bottled on the coming of spring. If not fine enough, draw off a jug and dissolve isinglass in it, in the proportion of half an ounce to ten gallons, and then pour back through the bung-hole. Let it stand a few weeks longer. Tap the casks above the lees. When the isinglass is put into the cask, stir it round with a stick, taking great care not to touch the lees at the bottom. For white wine only, mix with the isin glass in a quarter of a pint of milk to each gallon of wine. White of eggs, beaten with some of the wine - one white to four gallons, makes a good fining.