A large cupful of finely-minced beef suet, a teacupful of milk, four ounces of bread-crumbs, four ounces of well-cleaned currants, two ounces of almonds, half a pound of stoned raisins, three well-beaten eggs, and the whites of other two: sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and a small glass of rum. Butter a shape, and place part of the raisins neatly in rows. Blanche the almonds;reserve the half of them to be placed in rows between the raisins just before serving. Mix all the remaining ingredients well together, put into the shape, and boil three hours. The Sauce - One tea-spoonful of milk, and two yolks of eggs well beaten, and some sugar; place on the fire and stir till it just comes to the boil; then let it cool. When lukewarm, stir it into a glass of sherry or currant wine, and serve in a sauce tureen. This sauce is a great improvement to the raisin pudding.