Take three bushels of malt, three pounds of hops, fifty-two gallons of water for two workings.

Or - Malt, two bushels and a half; sugar, three pounds; hops, three pounds; coriander seeds, one ounce; capsicum, a drachm. Thirty-six gallons. This gives a pleasant ale, with a good body.

2561. Amber Ale

Three bushels of amber malt, three-quarters of a bushel of pale amber malt, two pounds of hops, a table-spoonful of salt. Three mashes, forty to fifty gallons. Skim and fine with isinglass.

2562. Burton

One quarter of pale malt, eight pounds and a half of pale hops; mash three times. Work the first mash at 170°, second at 176°, third at 150°. Boil the first wort by itself; when boiling add three pounds of honey, a pound and a half of coriander seeds, one ounce of salt. Mix the worts when boiled, cool to 61°, set to work with a pint and a half of yeast. As soon as the gyle gets yeasty, skim the head half off; rouse the rest with another pint and a half of yeast, three-quarters of an ounce of bay salt, and a quarter of a pound of malt or bean flour. This makes a hogshead.

2563. Edinburgh

Mash two barrels per quarter, at 183°; mash three quarters of an hour, let it stand one hour, and allow half an hour to run off. Or, mash one barrel per quarter, at 190°; mash three-quarters of an hour, let it stand three-quarters of an hour, and tap.

2564. Porter

Brown, amber and pale malt, in equal quantities; turn them into the mash-tub. Turn on the first liquor at 165°; mash one hour, then coat the whole with dry malt. In one hour set the tap. Mix ten pounds of brown hops to a quarter of malt, half old, half new; boil the first wort briskly with the hops for three quarters of an hour; after putting into the copper one pound and a half of sugar, and one pound and a half of extract of liquorice to the barrel, turn it into coolers, rousing the wort the while. Turn on the second liquor at 174°, set tap again in an hour. The second wort having run off, turn on again at 145°; mash an hour, and stand an hour; boil the second wort with the same hops for an hour. Turn into the coolers, and let into the tub at 64°, mixing the yeast as it comes down. Cleanse the second day at 80°, previously adding a mixture of flour and salt, and rousing well.