Castor oil may be taken in milk, coffee, or spirit, such as brandy; but the best method of covering the nauseous flavour is to put a table-spoonful of strained orange-juice in a wine-glass, pour the castor oil into the centre of the juice, and then squeeze a few drops of lemon-juice upon the top of the oil. Cod liver oil may be taken like castor-oil in orange juice. Peppermint water almost prevents the nauseous taste of Epsom salts; a strong solution of extract of liquorice covers the disagreeable taste of aloes; milk, that of cinchona bark; and cloves that of senna.

2683. An excellent way to prevent the taste of medicines is to have the medicine in a glass, as usual, and a tumbler of water by the side of it, then take the medicine and retain it in the mouth, which should be kept closed, and if you then commence drinking the water, the taste of the medicine is washed away. Even the bitterness of quinine and aloes may be prevented by this means.

2684. Giving Medicines to Persons - Medicines should be given in such a manner that the effect of the first dose should not have ceased when the next dose is given, therefore the intervals between the doses should be regulated accordingly.