Common salt, one ounce; distilled water, seven ounce; spirits of wine, one ounce; mix.

28. Dried sulphate of magnesia, six drams; heavy carbonate of magnesia, two drains; wine of colchicum, two drams; water, eight ounces; take two tablespoonfuls every four hours.

29. Compound powder of ipecacuanha, eight grains; powdered guaia-cum, four grains; in a powder at bed-time.

30. Brandish's solution of potash thirty drops twice a day in a wineglass of beer.

31. Disulphate of quina, half a dram dilute sulphuric acid, ten drops; com pound infusion of roses, eight ounces; two tablespoonfuls every four hours, and as a tonic in a stage of weakness succeeding fever.

32. Flowers of sulphur, two ounces; hog's lard, four ounces; white hellebore powder, half an ounce; oil of lavender, sixty drops.

33. Hydriodate of potass two drams; distilled water, eight ounces.

34. Flowers of sulphur, half a dram; carbonate of soda, a scruple; tartarized antimony, one-eighth of a grain: one powder, night and morning, in eruptions of the skin or face.

35. Milk of bitter almonds, seven ounces; bichloride of mercury, four grains; spirits of rosemary, one ounce; bathe the eruption with this lotion three times a day.

36. Sulphate of zinc, two scruples; sugar of lead, fifteen grains; distilled water, six ounces; the parts to be washed with the lotion two or three times a day.

37. Carbonate of iron, six grains; powdered rhubarb, four grains; one powder night and morning.

38. Elecampane powder, two ounces; sweet fennel seed powder, three ounces; black pepper powder, one ounce; purified honey and brown sugar, of each two ounces; the size of a nutmeg, two or three times a day.

39. Sulphate of zinc, twelve grains; wine of opium, one dram; rose water six ounces

40. Common salt, one ounce; water, four ounces; spirits of wine and vinegar, each two ounces; the parts to be bathed or rubbed with this lotion frequently.

41. Spirits of wine and distilled vinegar, each one ounce; rose water, six ounces; the parts to be kept constantly damp with the lotion.

42. Linseed oil and lime water, equal parts: anoint the injured parts frequently with a feather.

43 Sulphate of magnesia, six drams; sulphate of iron, ten grains; dilute sulphuric acid, forty drops tincture of cardamoms, (compound,) half an ounce; water, seven ounces; a fourth part night and morning.

44. Decoction of oak bark, a pint; dried alum, half an ounce; for an injection, a syringeful to be used night and morning.

45. Compound gamboge pill, and a pill of assafcetida and aloes, of each half a dram; make twelve pills, two twice or three times a week.

46. Griffith's mixture - one table-spoonful three times a day.

47. Ergot of rye, five grains; in a powder, to be taken every four hours.

48. Powdered opium, half a grain; camphor, two grains; in a pill, to be taken every three or four hours whilst in pain.

49. Balsam of copaiba, half an ounce; powdered cubebs, half an ounce; solution of potass, three drams; powdered acacia, two drams; laudanum, twenty drops; cinnamon water, seven ounces; one tablespoonful three times a day.

50. Tartarized antimony, two grains; sulphate of magnesia, six drams; nitrate of potass, one dram; compound tincture of cardamoms, half an ounce; water, eight ounces.

51. Lime water, two ounces; calomel, one scruple; make a lotion, to be applied by means of soft lint.

52. Blue pill, five grains; powdered opium, half a grain; two pills at night, and one in the morning.

53. Biniodide of mercury, two grains; hydriodate of potass, one dram; extract of sarsaparilla, one ounce; water, eight ounces; one tablespoonful three times a day.

54. Sulphate of zinc, twenty-four grains in a wine glass of water, to be given for an emetic, and repeated if necessary.

55. Dill water, one and a half ounces, volatile tincture of valerian, twenty drops; tincture of cartor, one dram; spirits of sulphuric aether, twenty drops; make a draught to be taken three times a day.

56. Syrup of poppies, oxymel of squills, of each one ounce; solution of potash, two drams; a teaspoonful frequently.

57. Syrup of balsam of Tolu, two ounces; the muriate of morphia, two grains; muriatic acid, twenty drops; a teaspoonful twice a day.

58. Salts of tartar, two scruples; twenty grains of powdered cochineal; 4 lb. of honey; water, half a pint; oil and give .a teaspoonful three times day.

59. Calomel, ten grains; castile 6oap, extract of jalap, extract of colocynth, of each one scruple; oil of juniper, ten drops; make into eighteen pills and take two at bedtime occasionally.

60. Infusion of orange peel, eight ounces; carbonate of soda, one dram; and compound tincture of cardamoms, half an ounce; take two large teaspoon-fuls twice the day succeeding the pill.

61. Carbonate of iron, three ounces; syrup of ginger, sufficient to make an electuary; a teaspoonful three times a day.

62. Take of castile soap, compound extract of colocynth, compound rhubarb pill, and the extract of jalap, of each one scrapie; oil of carraway, ten drops; make into twenty pills, and take one after dinner every day whilst necessary.

63. Spirits of rosemary five parts, spirits of wine, or spirits of turpentine, one part.