If a tallow candle be placed in a gun and be shot at a door, it will go through without sustaining any injury; and if a musket-ball be fired into water, it will rebound and be flattened as if fired against any hard substance.

3264. A musket-ball may be fired through a pane of glass, and if the glass be suspended by a thread it will make no difference and the thread not ever, vibrate.

3265. How to get a Horse out of a Fire - The great difficulty of getting horses from a stable where surrounding buildings are in a state of conflagration, is well known. The plan of covering their eyes with a blanket will not always succeed.

3266. A gentleman whose horses have been in great peril from such a cause, having in vain tried to save them, hit upon the experiment of having them harnessed as though they were going to their usual work, when, to his astonishment, they were led from the stable without difficulty.