364. Sarlet

Use lac-dye instead of the preceding.

365. Violet

Dip in the tin mordant, and then immerse in a decoction of logwood.

366. Yellow

1. Impregnate with nitro hydro chlorate of tin, and then digest with heat in a strained decoction of fustic. 2. Steep for twenty-four hours in a strong solution of the neu tral chromate of potash, and then plunge for some time in a boiling solution of acetate of lead. 3. Boil the articles in a solution of alum - a pound to half a gallon - and then immerse for half an hour in the following mixture: - Take half a pound of turmeric, and a quarter of a pound of pearl-ash; boil in a gallon of water. When taken from this, the bone must be again dipped in the alum solution.

367. Horn must be treated in the same manner as bone and ivory for the various colours given under that heading.

368. In Imitation Of Tortoise-Shell

First steam and then press the horn into proper shapes, and afterwards lay the following mixture on with a small brush, in imitation of the mottle of tortoise-shell: - Take equal parts of quick-lime and litharge, and mix with strong soap lees; let this remain until it is thoroughly dry, brush off, and repeat two or three times, if necessary. Such parts as are required to be of a reddish brown should be covered with a mixture of whiting and the stain.

369. Iron. Black, For Ship's Guns, Shot, Etc

To one gallon of vinegar add a quarter of a pound of iron-rust, let it stand for a week; then add a pound of dry lamp-black, and three-quarters of a pound of copperas; stir it up for a couple of days. Lay five or six coats on the gun, etc, with a sponge, allowing it to dry well between each. of polish with linseed oil and soft woollen rag, and it will look like ebony.

370. Paper And Parchment. Blur

1. Stain it green with the verdigris stain given below, and brush over with a solution of pearl-ash - two ounces to the pint - till it becomes blue. 2. Use the blue stain for wood.

371. Green And Red

The same as for wood.

372. Orange

Brush over with a tincture of turmeric, formed by infusing an ounce of the root in a pint of spirit of wine; let this dry, and give another coat of pearl-ash solution, made by dissolving two ounces of the salt in a quart of water.

373. Purple

1. Brush over with the expressed juice of ripe privet berries. 2. The same as for wood.

374. Yellow

1. Brush over with tincture of turmeric. 2. Add anatto or dragon's-blood to the tincture of turmeric, and brush over as usual.

375 Wood. Black

1. Drop a little sulphuric acid into a small quantity of water, brush over the wood and hold it to the fire; it will be a fine black, and receive a good polish. 2. Take half a gallon of vinegar, an ounce of bruised nut-galls, of logwood chips and copperas each half a pound - boil well; add half an ounce of the tincture of sesquichloride of iron, formerly called the muriated tincture, and brush on hot. 3. Use the stain given for ships' guns. 4. Take half a gallon of vinegar, half a pound of dry lamp-black, and three pounds of iron-rust sifted. Mix, and let stand for a week. Lay three coats of this on hot, and then rub with linseed oil, and you will have a fine deep black. 5. Add to the above stain an ounce of nut-galls, half a pound of logwood chips, and a quarter of a pound of copperas; lay on three coats, oil well, and you wil have a black stain that will stand any kind of weather, and one that is well suited for ships combings, etc. 6. Take a pound of logwood chips, a quarter of a pound of Brazil wood, and boil for an hour and a half in a gallon of water. Brush the wood several times with this decoction while hot. Make a decoction of nut-galls by simmering gently for three or four days a quarter of a pound of the galls in two quarts of water; give the wood three coats of this, and while wet lay on a solution of sulphate of iron (two ounces to a quart), and when dry oil or varnish. 7. Give three coats with a solution of copper filings in aquafortis, and repeatedly brush over with the logwood decoction, until the greenness of the copper is destroyed. 8. Boil half a pound of logwood chips in two quarts of water, add an ounce of pearl-ash, and apply hot with a brush. Then take two quarts of the logwood decoction, and half an ounce of verdigris, and the same of copperas: strain, and throw in half a pound of iron rust. Brush the work well with this, and oil.