425. Leather. Black

Use No. 4 Black stain, and polish with oil.

426. Gloves, Nankeen

Steep saffron in boiling hot soft water for about twelve hours; sew up the tops of the gloves, to prevent the dye staining the insides, wet them over with a sponge dipped in the liquid. A tea-cupful of dye will do a pair of gloves.

427. Gloves, Purple

Boil four ounces of logwood, and two ounces of roche alum, in three pints of soft water, till half wasted; strain, and let it cool. Sew up the tops, go over the outsides with a brush or sponge twice; then rub off the loose dye with a coarse cloth. Beat up the white of an egg, and rub it over the leather with a sponge. Vinegar will remove the stain from the hands.

428. Silk. Black

Use the same as for cloth, but black dyeing is difficult.

429. Blue

1. Wash quite clean, rinse well, and then dip in a hot solution of sulphate of iron, after a short time take it out and rinse again. Have ready in another vessel a hot solution of prussiate of potash, to which a small quantity of sulphuric acid has been added. Dip the silk in this liquid; on removal rinse in clean water, and expose to the air to dry. 2. Wash well, rinse, wring out, and then dip in the following: - Boil a pound of indigo, two pounds of woad, and three ounces of alum in a gallon of water. When the silk is of a proper colour, remove, rinse, and dry.

430. Carnation

Boil two gallons of wheat and an ounce of alum in four gallons of water, strain through a fine sieve; dissolve half a pound more of alum and white tartar; add three pounds of madder, then put in the silk it a moderate heat.

431. Bladder Red

Use the dye for cloth.

432. Yellow

Take clear wheat bran liquor fifteen pounds, in which dissolve three quarters of a pound of alum boil the silk in this for two hours, and afterwards take half a pound of weld and boil it till the colour is good. Nitre used with alum and water in the first boiling fixes the colour.

433. Wool. Blue

Boil in a decoction of logwood, and sulphate or acetate of copper.

434. Brown

Steep in an infusion of green walnut peels.

435. Drab

Impregnate with brown oxide of iron, and then dip in a bath of quercitron bark. If sumach is added, it will make the colour a dark brown.

436. Green

First imbue with the blue, and then with the yellow dye.

437. Orange

Dye first with the red dye for cloth, and then with a yellow.

438. Red

Take four and a half pounds of cream of tartar, four and a quarter pounds of alum; boil the wool gently for two hours let it cool, and wash the following day in pure water Infuse twelve pounds of madder for half an hour with a pound of chloride of tin in lukewarm water, filter through canvas, remove the dye from the canvas, and put in the bath, which is to be heated to 100 deg. Fahr; add two ounces of aluminous mordant, put the wool in, and raise to boiling heat. Re-move the wool, wash, and soak for a quarter of an hour in a solution of white soap in water.

439. Yellow

Dye with that used for calico, etc.