How to get sleep is to many persons a matter of high importance. Nervou persons who are troubled with wake fulness and excitability, usually have strong- tendency of blood on the brain with cold extremities. The pressur of the blood on the brain keeps it in stimulated or wakeful state, and the pulsations in the head are often painful Let such rise and chafe the body and extremities with a brush or towel, of rub smartly with the hands to promote circulation, and withdraw the excessive amount of blood from the brain, and they will fall asleep in a few moments. A cold bath, or a sponge bath and rubbing, or a good run, or a rapid walk in the open air, or going up or down stairs a few times just before retiring, will aid in equalising circulation and promoting sleep. These rules are simple and easy of application in castle or cabin, and may minister to the comfort of thousands who would freely expend money for an anodyne to promote "Nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep ?:'