917. Confections are used as vehicles for the administration of more active medicines, and Electuaries are made for the purpose of rendering some remedies palatable. Both should be kept in closely covered jars.

918. Almond Confection

Remove the outer coat from an ounce of sweet almonds, and beat them well in a mortar with one drachm of powdered gum arabic, and half an ounce of white sugar. Use, to make a demulcent mixture, known as almond emulsion.

919. Alum Confection

Mix two scruples of powdered alum with four scruples of treacle. Dose, half a drachm. Use, as an astringent in sore throat and relaxed uvula, and ulcerations of the mouth.

920. Orange Confection

Take one ounce of the freshly rasped rind of orange, and mix it with three ounces of white sugar, after it is well beaten. Dose, from one drachm to one ounce. Use, as a gentle stomachic and tonic, and for giving tonic powders in.

921. Black Pepper Confectiom

Take of black pepper and elecampane-root, each one ounce; fennel seeds, tree ounces; honey and sugar, of each two ounces. Rub the dry ingredients to a fine powder, and when the confection is wanted, add the honey, and mix well. Dose, from one to two drachms. Use, in haemorrhoids.

922. Cowhage

Mix as much of the fine hairs or spiculae of cowhage into treacle as it will take up. Dose, a tea-spoonful every morning and evening. Use, as an anthelmintic.

9215. Senna Confection

Take of senna four ounces, figs half a pound, cassia pulp, tamarind pulp, and the pulp of prunes, each four ounces; coriander seeds, two ounces; liquorice, one ounce and a half; sugar, one pound and a quarter; water, one pint and a half. Rub the senna with the coriander, and separate, by sifting, five ounces of the mixture. Boil the water with the figs and liquorice added, until it is reduced to one half; then press out and strain the liquor. Evaporate the strained liquor in a jar by boiling until twelve fluid ounces remain; then add the sugar, and make a syrup. Now mix the pulps with the syrup, add the sifted powder, and mix well. Use, purgative.

924. Castor Oil And Senna Confection

Take one drachm of powdered gum arabic, and two ounces of confection of senna, and mix by gradually rubbing together in a mortar, with half an ounce of castor oil. Dose, from one to two drachms. Use, purgative.

925. Sulphur And Senna Confection

Take of sulphur and sulphate of potash, each half an ounce; of confection of senna, two ounces; and oil of aniseed, twenty minim; mix well. Dose, from one to two drachms. Use, purgative.

926 Cream Of Tartar Confection

Take one ounce of cream of tartar, and half a drachm of powdered ginger; mix into a thick paste with treacle. Dose, two drachms. Use, purgative.

927 Antispasmodic Electuary

Take six drachms of powdered valerian and orange leaves, mixed and made into an electuary, with a sufficient quantity of syrup of wovmwooL Dose, from one to two drachms, to be take two or three times a day.