943. Are a peculiar kind of medicines, administered by injecting them into the rectum or outlet of the body. The intention is either to empty the bowels, kill worms, protect the lining membrane of the intestines from injury, restrain copious discharges, al ay spasms in the bowels, or nourish the body. These clysters or glysters are administered by means of bladders and pipes, or a proper apparatus.

944. Laxatire

Take two ounces of Epsom salts, and dissolve in three-quarters of a pint of gruel, or thin broth, with an ounce of olive oil. Use, as all enemas are used.

945. Nutritice

Take twelve ounces of strong beef tea, and thicken with hartshorn shavings or arrow-root.

946. Turpentine

Take half an ounce of oil of turpentine, the yolk of one egg, and half a pint of gruel Mix the turpentine and egg, and then add the gruel. Use, as an anthelmintic.

947. Common

Dissolve one ounce of salt in twelve ounces of gruel.

948. Castor Oil

Mix two ounce of castor oil with one drachm of starch then rub them together, and add four teen ounces of thin gruel. Use, pur gative.

949. Opium

Rub two grains of opium with two ounces of starch, ther add two ounces of warm water. Use as an anodyne, in colic, spasms, etc.

950. Oil

Mix four ounces of olive oil with half an ounce of mucilage and half a pint of warm water. Use, as a demulcent.

951. Assafatida

Dissolve two drachms of the gum in a pint of barley water. Use, as an anthelmintic, or in convulsions from teething.