962. Lotions are usually applied to the parts required by means of a piece of linen rag wetted with them, or by wetting the bandage itself.

963. Emollient

Use decoction of marsh-mallow or linseed.

964. Elder -Flowers

Add two drachms and a half of elder-flowers to one quart of boiling water, infuse for one hour, and strain. Use, as a dis-cutient.

965. Sedative

Dissolve one drachm of extract of henbane in twenty-four drachms of water.

966. Opium

Mix two drachms of bruised opium with half a pint of boiling water, allow it to grow cold, and use for painful ulcers, bruises, etc.

967. Stimulant

Dissolve one drachm of caustic potash in one pint of water, and then gradually pour it upon twenty-four grains of camphor and one drachm of sugar, previously bruised together in a mortar. Used as in fungoid and flabby ulcers.

968. Ordinary

Mix one drachm of salt with eight ounces of water. Used for foul ulcers and flabby wounds.

969. Cold Evaporating

Add two drachms of Sulard's extract (Liquor plumbi diacetatis), and the same quantity of sweet spirit of nitre (Spiritus atheris nitrici) to a pint of cold water. Use, as a lotion for contusions, sprains, inflamed parts, etc.

970. Hydrochlorate Of Ammonia

Dissolve half an ounce of sal ammoniac (Ammonia hydrochloras) in six ounces of water, then add an ounce of distilled winegar and the same quantity of rectified spirit. Use, as a refrigerant.

971 Yellow Lotion

Dissolve one gram of co-roarr sublimat ( Hlydrargyri chloridum, A VIOLENT poison) in an ounce of lime-water, taking care to bruise the crystals of the salt in order to assist its solution. Use, as a detergent.

972. Black Wash

Add half a drachm of calomel to four ounces of lime-water, or eight grains to an ounce of lime-water; shake well. Use, as a detergent.

973. Acetate Of Lead With Opium

Take ten grains of acetate of lead, and a drachm of powdered opium, mix, and add an ounce of vinegar and four ounces of warm water, set aside for an hour then filter. Use, as an astringent.

974. Kreosote

Add a drachm of kreosote to a pint of water, and mix by shaking. Use, as an application in tinea capitis, or other cutaneous diseases.

975. Galls

Boil one drachm of bruised galls in twelve ounces of water until only half a pint remains, then strain, and add one ounce of laudanum. Use, as an astringent.