977. These remedies are used as topical applications to parts, generally ulcers, and are usually spread upon linen or other materials.

978. Camphorated

Mix half an ounce of camphor with one ounce of lard, having, of course, previously powdered the camphor. Use, as a discu-tient and stimulant in indolent tumors.

979. Chalk

Mix as much prepared chalk as you can into some lard, so as to form a thick ointment. Use, as an application to burns and scalds.

980. For Itch

Mix four drachms of sublimed sulphur, two ounces of lard, and two drachms of sulphuric acid together. This is to be rubbed into the body.

981. For Scrofulous Ulcerations

Mix one drachm of ioduret of zinc, and one ounce of lard together. Use. twice a day in the ulcerations.

982. Catechu - Mix one ounce of powdered catechu, two drachms and a half of powdered alum, one ounce of powdered white resin, and two ounces and a half of olive oil together. Use to apply to flabby and indolent ulcerations.

983. Tartar Emetic

Mix twenty grains of tartar emetic and ten grains of white sugar with one drachm and a half of lard. Use, as a counter-irritant in white swellings, etc. 984. Pills.

985. Strong Purgative

Take of powdered aloes, scammony, and gamboge, each fifteen grains, mix and add sufficient Venice turpentine to make into a mass, then divide into twelve pills. Dose, one or two occasionally.

985. Milder Purgative

Take four grains of powdered scammony and the same quantity of compound extract of colocynth, and two grains of calomel; mix well, and add a few drops of oil of cloves, or thin gum-water, to enable the ingredients to combine properly; divide into two pills. Dose, one or two when necessary.

987. Common Purgative

Take of powdered jalap and compound extract of colocynth, each four grains, of calomel two grains, mix as usual, and divide into two pills. Dose, one or two occasionally.

988. Tonic

Mix twenty-four grains of extract of gentian and the same of green vitriol {sulphate of iron) together, and divide into twelve pills. Dose, one. or two when necessary. Use, in debility.

989. Cough - Mix one drachm of compound powder of ipecacuanha with one scruple of gum ammoniacum and dried squill-bulb, and make into a mass with mucilage, then divide into twenty pills. Dose - one, three times a day.

990. Astringent

Mix sixteen grains of acetate of lead {Sugar of lead) with four grains of opium, and make into a mass with syrup, so as to make eight pills. Dose, from one to two. Use, as an astringent in obstinate diarrhoea, dysentery, and cholera.