2724. Emetics are medicines given for the purpose of causing vomiting, as in cases of poisoning. They consist of ipecacuana, chamomile, and mustard.

2725. Ipecacuanha is an emetic, diaphoretic, and expectorant.

It is used internally to excite vomiting in doses of from twenty to thirty grains of the powder, or o ne to one and a half ounce of the infusion, every half hour until vomiting takes place.

To make it act well and easily, the patient should drink half-pint doges of warm water.

As a diaphoretic it should be given in doses of three grains, mixed with some soft substance, such as crumbs of bread, and repeated every four hours.

Dose of the wine from twenty minims to one drachm (as a diaphoretic); and from one drachm to one and a half ounce (as an emetic).

Caution. - Do not give more than the doses named above, because, although a safe emetic, yet it is an acridnarcotic poison.


2726. Mustard is too well known to require describing. It is an emetic, diuretic, stimulant, and rubefacient.

It Is used externally as a poultice, (which is made of the powder, bread-crumbs, and water; vinegar is not necessary).

In all cases where a stimulant is required, such as sore throats, rheumatic pains in the joints, cholera, cramps in the extremities, diarrhoea, and many other diseases.

When applied it should not be left on too long, as it is apt to cause ulceration of the part. From ten to thirty minutes is quite long enough.

When used internally as an emetic, a large tea-spoonful mixed with a tumbler of warm water generally operates quickly and safely, frequently when other emetics have failed.

In dropsy it is sometimes given in the form of whey, which is made by boiling half an ounce of the bruised seeds in a pint of milk, and straining off the curd. From three to four ounces of this is to be taken for a dose three times a day.