519. Cold Green Tea

Cold Green Tea, very strong, and sweetened with sugar, will, when set about in saucers, attract flies and destroy them.

520. Clothes Closets

Clothes Closets that have become infested with moths should be well rubbed with a strong decoction of tobacco, and repeatedly sprinkled with spirits of camphor.

521. The Sting Of A Nettle

The Sting Of A Nettle may be cured by rubbing the part with rosemarv, mint, or sage leaves.

522. Charcoal Fumes

The usual remedies for persons overcome with the fumes of charcoal in a close apartment are, to throw cold water on the head and to bleed immediately; also apply mustard or hartshorn to the 6oles of the feet.

523. An Ever-Dirty Hearth

An Ever-Dirty Hearth, and a grate always choked with cinders and ashes, are infallible evidences of bad house-keeping.

524. To Extinguish A Fire

To Extinguish A Fire in the chimney, besides any water at hand, throw on it salt, or a handful of flour of sulphur as soon as you can obtain it; keep all the doors and windows tightly shut, and hold before the fire-place a blanket or some woollen article to exclude the air. (See 695.)

525. Reading In Bed

Reading In Bed at night should be avoided, as, besides the danger of an accident, it never fails to injure the eyes.

526. In Escaping From A Fire

In Escaping From A Fire, creep or crawl along the room with your face close to the ground. Children should be early taught how to press out a spark when it happens to reach any part of their dress, and also that running into the air will cause it to blaze immediately. (See 695.)

527. Lime Water

Lime Water beaten up with sweet oil is an excellent ointment for burns.

528. Paper Fire-Screens

Paper Fire-Screens should be coated with transparent varnish, otherwise they will soon become soiled and discoloured.

529. The Best Lamp-Oil

The Best Lamp-Oil it that which is clear and nearly colourless, like water.

530. Oil-Grease

Oil-Grease may be removed from a hearth by covering it immediately with thick hot ashes, or with burning coals.

531. Candles

Candles improve by keeping a few months. If wax candles bo-come discoloured or soiled, they may be restored by rubbing them over with a clean flannel slightly dipped in spirits of wine.

532. In Lighting Candles

In Lighting Candles always hold the match to the side of the wick, and not over the top.

533. In Choosing Paper For A Room

In Choosing Paper For A Room, avoid that which has a variety of colours, or a large, showy figure, as no furniture can appear to advantage with such. Large figured papering makes a small room look smaller.

534. For Keeping A Door Open

For Keeping A Door Open, place a large brick covered neatly with a piece of carpeting against the door.