3754. How To Lay Off A Square Acre

Measure 209 feet, on each side, and you have a square acre, within an inch.

3755. Ropes And Cables

6 feet make 1 fathom, 120 fathoms 1 cable length.

1839. Depilatory Ointment - For Removing Superfluous Hair

Finely powdered quick lime, one ounce; finely powdered orpiment, one dram; white of egg to mix.

2052. Dye Silk Lilac

For every pound of silk, take one and a-half pound of archil, mix it well with the liquor; make it boil a quarter of an hour, dip the Bilk quickly, then let it cool, and wash it in river water, and a fine half violet, or lilac, more or less full, will be obtained. (See 402.)

2053. Dye Hair And Feathers Green

Take of verdigris or verditer, of each one ounce; gum water, one pint; mix them well, and dip the hair or feathers into the mixture, shaking them well about. (See 418 to 421.)

2054. Excellent Hair Wash

Take one ounce of borax, half an ounce of camphor; powder these ingredients fine, and dissolve them in one quart of boiling water; when cool, the solution will be ready for use: damp the hair frequently.- This wash effectually cleanses, beautifies, and strengthens the hair, preserves the colour, and prevents early baldness. 'The camphor will form into lumps after being dissolved, but the water will be sufficiently impregnated.

2055. Essence Of Celery

This is prepared by soaking for a fortnight a-half ounce of the seeds of celery in a-quarter pint of brandy. A few drops will flavour a pint of soup or broth, equal to a head of celery.

2056. Hiccough, Or Hiccup

This is a spasm of the diaphragm caused by flatulency, indigestion, or acidity. It may be relieved by the sudden application of cold, also by two or three mouthfuls of cold water, by eating a small piece of ice, taking a pinch of snuff, or anything that excites counter action.

846. Domestic Rules

1. Do everything in its proper time. 2. Keep everything to its proper use. 3. Put everything in its proper place.

496. To Prevent The Smoking Of A Lamp

Soak the wick in strong vinegar, and well dry it before you use it.

498. To Render Shoes Water-Proof

Warm a little bees-wax and-mutton suet until it is liquid, and rub some of it slightly over the edges of the sole where the stitches are. (See 70.)

499. To Clean Cane Chairs

Sponge them until soaked, with soap and hot water.

3267. To Prevent Wounds From Mortifying

Sprinkle sugar on them. The Turks wash fresh wounds with wine, and sprinkle sugar on them. Obstinate ulcers may be cured with sugar dissolved in a strong decoction of walnut leaves.

3268. To Make Castor Oil Palatable

Boil castor oil with an equal quantity of milk, sweetened with a little sugar. Stir it well and let it cool. Another good way is to beat the castor oil with the white of an egg until both are thoroughly mixed. In either case the taste of oil cannot be distinguished.

3269. To ascertain the height of an object a peculiar method of measurement is in use among the Isthmus Indians. In measuring the height of a tree, for instance, a man proceeds from its base to a point where, on turning the back towards it, and putting the head between the legs, he can just see the top; at the spot where he is able to do this he makes a mark on the ground, and then paces the distance to the base of the tree: this distance is equal to the height.