2057. Substitute For Cream In Tea Or Coffee

Beat the white of an egg to a froth, put to it a very small lump of butter, and mix well, Then turn into it gradually, bo that it may not curdle. If perfectly done, it will be an excellent substitute for cream.

2059. Mint Vinegar

Put into a wide-mouthed bottle, fresh nice clean mint leaves enough to fill it loosely; then fill up the bottle with good vine gar; and after it has been stopped close for two or three weeks, it is to be poured off clear into another bottle, and kept well corked for use. Serve with lamb when mint cannot be obtained.

497. Eggs May Be Preserved

Eggs May Be Preserved by applying with a brush a solution of gum-arabic to the shells, and afterward packing them in dry charcoal dust.

577. The White Of An Egg

The White Of An Egg, well beaten with quicklime, and a small quantity of very old cheese, forms an excellent substitute for cement, when wanted in a hurry, either for broken china or old ornamental glass ware.

1288. Lemonade

Powdered sugar four pounds; citric or tartaric acid, one ounce; essence of lemon two drachms; mix well. Two or three tea-spoonfuls make a very sweet and agreeable glass of extemporaneous lemonade.

1289. Ginger Beer

White sugar, twenty pounds; lemon or lime juice, eighteen (fluid) ounces; honey, one pound, bruised ginger, twenty-two ounces; water, eighteen gallons. Boil the ginger in three gallons of water for half an hour, then add the sugar, the juice and the honey, with the remainder of the water, and strain through a cloth. When cold add the white of one egg, and half an ounce (fluid) of essence of lemon; after standing four days, bottle. This yields a very superior beverage, and one which will keep for many months. (See 79.)

1303. An Excellent Jelly. (For the Sick Room.) - Take rice, sago, pearl-barloy, hartshorn shavings, each me ounce; simmer with three pints of water to one, and strain it. When cold t will be a jelly, of which give, dissolved in wine, milk, or broth, in change with the other nourishment.