The gum used by the United States Government on postage stamps is probably one of the best that could be used not only for envelopes but for labels as well. It will stick to almost any surface. Its composition is said to be the following:

Gum arabic......... 1 part

Starch.............. 1 part

Sugar.............. 4 parts

Water, sufficient to give the desired consistency. The gum arabic is first dissolved in some water, the sugar added, then the starch, after which the mixture is boiled for a few minutes in order to dissolve the starch, after which it is thinned down to the desired consistency.

Cheaper envelope gums can be made by substituting dextrine for the gum arabic, glucose for the sugar, and adding boric acid to preserve and help stiffen it.

Mucilage To Make Wood And Pasteboard Adhere To Metals

Dissolve 50 parts, by weight, of lead acetate together with 5 parts, by weight, of alum in a little water. Make a separate solution of 75 parts, by weight, of gum arabic in 2,000 parts, by weight, of water, stir in this 500

parts, by weight, of flour, and heat slowly I to boiling, stirring the while. Let it cool | somewhat, and mix with it the solution containing the lead acetate and alum, stirring them well together.