Linseed Oil or Poppy Oil

Agitate in a glass balloon 25,000 parts, by weight, of oil with a solution of 50 parts, by weight, potassium permanganate in 1,250 parts, by volume, of water. Let stand for 24 hours at a gentle warmth and add 75 parts, by weight, of powdered sodium sulphite. Agitate strongly and add 100 parts, by weight, of hydrochloric acid and again agitate. Let stand until decolorization takes place, then wash the oil with a sufficiency of water, carrying in suspension chalk, finely powdered, until the liquid no longer has an acid reaction. Finally filter off over anhydrous sodium sulphate.

Boiled Oil

The following is especially adapted for zinc painting, but will also answer for any paint: Mix 1 part binoxide of manganese, in coarse powder, but not dusty, with 10 parts nut or linseed oil. Keep it gently heated and frequently stirred for about 30 hours, or until the oil begins to turn reddish.

British Oil


Oil of turpentine....   40 parts

Barbadoes pitch....   26 parts

Oil of rosemary.....     1 part

Oil of origanum ....     1 part


Oil of turpentine.... 2 parts

Rape oil........... 20 parts

Spirit of tar........ 2 parts

Alkanet root, quantity sufficient.

Macerate the alkanet root in the rape oil until the latter is colored deep red; then strain off and add the other ingredients.