The following makes an excellent graphite polish:


Ceresine........... 12 parts

Japan wax........ 10 parts

Turpentine oil..... 100 parts

Lampblack, best.. . 12 parts

Graphite, levigated 10 parts

Melt the ceresine and wax together, remove from the fire, and when half cooled off add and stir in the graphite and lampblack, previously mixed with the turpentine.


Ceresine..........     23 parts

Carnauba wax ....       5 parts

Turpentine oil.....   220 parts

Lampblack.......   300 parts

Graphite, finest

levigated.......     25 parts

Mix as above.


Make a mixture of water glass and lampblack of about the consistency of thin syrup, and another of finely levigated plumbago and mucilage of Soudan gum (or other cheap substitute for gum arabic), of a similar consistency. After getting rid of dust, etc., go over the stove with mixture No. I and let it dry on, which it will do in about 24 hours. Now go over the stove with the second mixture, a portion of the surface at a time, and as this dries, with an old blacking brush give it a polish. If carefully done the stove will have a polish resembling closely that of new Russian iron. A variant of this formula is as follows: Mix the graphite with the water glass to a smooth paste; add, for each pound "of paste, 1 ounce of glycerine and a few grains of aniline black. Apply to the stove with a stiff brush.