A large and ferocious animal, of the cat family, found chiefly in South America, and often called the American tiger. It is found in North America as far north as the borders of Texas. It is larger than the leopard and is very strong. Its fur is of a brownish-yellow color, beautifully marked with dark ring like spots, each ring enclosing several small black points. It resembles the leopard in color and general appearance, and, like it, can climb trees with great ease. The jaguar lives in thick forests near large rivers and lakes. Wild horses and mules are its favorite prey, and it feeds on turtles. South Americans hunt the jaguar in various ways, but chiefly with the aid of dogs and the lasso. Jaguar skins are very handsome, and are largely imported into Europe, and made into valuable robes, etc. It will not attack man unless impelled by hunger, or self-defense.