[AS] This is a curious creature without. fore teeth and canines. It is a native of Central and South America. Its shape is very different from that of gnawing animals, for its front legs are longer than those behind. Some sloths have three, others two, large strong curved claws to each foot. The two-toed sloths have two toes on the fore foot and three on each hind foot. These the sloth hooks round the branch of a tree, and hanging with its back downward moves with great speed among the thick forests. Its strong coarse hair is so like the color of the trees that it is not easily seen among the branches; and there it has no enemies to fear except men and snakes. The natives of South America hunt it for its flesh, of which they are very fond. On the ground it moves with a slow, awkward shuffle, hooking its strong claws into the ground, and dragging itself along. When attacked it throws itself on its back, and tries to choke its enemy with its powerful arms. It lives on leaves and twigs, and completely strips one tree before it begins to strip another.