[AS.] A crawling animal like the frog, but without teeth, and more terrestrial in its habits. It has a, thick and heavy body, covered with wart-like glands, which secrete an acid fluid. The tongue is well developed, and can be protruded rapidly to capture insects. The skin absorbs moisture, and is cast off at intervals and swallowed. The winter is spent in a torpid state in holes and crevices. Toads are long-lived, and are found all over the world. They feed on insects injurious to vegetation. Tree-toads have loud, shrill cries, and are often brightly colored. The Surinam toad of Guiana is eaten by the naunes. Its eggs ar not laid in water, but are received by the male, who deposits them on the back of the female, where the skin thickens between the eggs, till each is invested in a sac, in which the young go through changes, and each emerges a perfect toad.