Acre, a denomination used in the measurement of land: an acre consists of four square roods, each containing 40 perches, or poles. In different countries i( varies, accord-to the length.of the pole, which is from 161/2 to 28 feet. It is, also, divided into ten square chains, of twenty-two yards each, or 4840 square yards. According to Dr. Grew, the number of acres in England amounts to 46, 080, 000.

Acre. - The English statute acre comprises l60 square poles, each of which contains l6 1/2 feet. The same measure of land, in Scotland, is regulated by the Scotch ell, which is 37 2-10ths English inches : thus, 36 square ells make 1 fall; 40 falls, 1 rood ; and 4 roods constitute an acre ; so that the proportion of a Scotch to an English acre is nearly as that of 5 to 4. - The acre, employed in the Principality of Wales, is equivalent to 2 Eng-lish ones; and the Irish acre is equal to 1 acre, 2 roods, and 19 perches 27-121 of English statute measurement