Adder, in zoology, a name for the viper. As this reptile is well known in most parts of England, a particular description of it is unnecessary ; but as accidents frequently happen by its bite, we shall present our leaders with a list of the most esteemed remedies to be resorted to on such occasions, together with some tome account of this animal, and the means of destroying it, under the article Viper.

Adder-stung is used in respect to cattle, when stung by any kind of venomous reptiles, as adders, scorpions, etc. or when bit by a hedgehog or shrew. For the cure of such bites, some persons use an ointment made of dragon's blood, with a little barley-meal and the whites of eggs. Adderivort. See Great Bistort, or Polygonum Bistortci, L.