Agitation is the art of shaking a body, or tossing it backwards and forwards. In physics, this term is often used for a commotion of the parts of a natural body. Fermentation and effervescence are attended with a brisk agitation of the particles.

Agitation is also one of the chief causes or instruments of mixtion. By the agitation of the parts of the blood and chyle, sanguification is in a great measure effected. Butter is also made out of milk by the same means; a separation of the oleous from the serous parts taking place, and a combination of the former among themselves. Digestion is supposed to be accomplished by an insensible kind of agitation.

This term is also used in medicine, to denote that species of exercise, commonly called swinging; "which has been found serviceable in several complaints; and it is asserted, that even the tooth-ach and deaf-vi"is have sometimes been removed by violent agitations of the body. We propose to make some farther observations on this species of exercise, under the article Swinging.