Aromatic, an epithet given to such substances as yield a strong fragrant smell, and impart a warm taste. In this class are included the various spices, such as nutmegs, cloves, cinnamon, mace, &G.. Some of them have a sweetness mixed with their aromatic principle; such as the angelica root, anise seed, , and fennel; some are astringent, as cinnamon; others afford a strong mucilage, as the Cassia lignea ; and again, others a bitterness, as orange and lemon peel.

The aromatic ingredient is extracted in different proportions from various substances, by rectified spirits of wine ; though it is sometimes obtained by mere infusion with water.

Aromatics form an useful and agreeable ingredient in many articles of cookery, but especially in dishes prepared of watery and flatulent vegetables, of which they are the best correctors : they warm the stomach, and stimulate the whole system raise the pulse, and quicken the circulation. In cold, languid habits, and a relaxed suite of the solids, they support the animal spirits, or increase vital action, and promote the salutary secretions : but to hot, bilious temperaments, full habits, and inflammatory dispositions, they are certainly pernicious.