Baldness, a defect of hair chiefly on the forepart of the head.

Among the pre-disposing causes of baldness, indulgence i-i sensualgratifications, and paxti-Alarly in wine and spirits, is perhaps the principal; though old age causes the loss of hair even in theregular livers. In ancient Rome, the term calvus, or bald-pate, was frequently used by way of reproach for this deficiency, which then was in great dispute.

In modern times, divers arts are practised to conceal a bald head, and a variety of preparations are red to the credulous, in the daily prints, with the solemn pro-■ that they are infallibly calculated to make the hair grow again. As these advertisers are, comparatively speaking, harmless chemical compounders, we do not wish to treat them with severity, so Jong as they confine their medicines to externa! applications.

In our opinion, baldness is incurable, when it arises from general deblity, or an asthenic state of the system ; but where it takes place in consequence of acute diseases, or during a tedious recovery from malignan fevers, the growth of the. hair has frequently been accelerated by the following liniment: of the expressed juice of burdock-root, virgin-honey, and proof-its, of each one ounce, mix them together, and anoint the barren part of the head several times a dayrat the same time taking care to cover it with soft flannel, in order to promote perspiration.