Balls, in the polished circles of society, are those nocturnal assemblies devoted chiefly to the entertainment of dancing. Whether public or private, the institution of balls appears to have been originally intended for the conjoint purposes of promoting health, by the exercise there mingled with mirth, and social conversation, as well as for the refinement of maimers, or what is more properly termed good breeding.—(See that article.)

In large and populous cities', however, these excellent purposes are often in a great measure feated, ; partly by a deviation from the genuine principle on which balls were first introduced, under the sanction of wise governments, and partly by connecting this amusement with collateral objects, such as suppers, masquerades, card-parties, etcc.

Consistently with our plan, wo beg leave to observe only, that morality and health would be better consulted, if all public balls and masquerades were Unfitted to a certain number of visitors - excluding every female who ventures to appear without a proper friend or relation; and, upon the whole, by adopting those excellent :. regulations which already subsist in the 'city of Bath, where decorum or good breeding is the "order of the night."

Horse-balls, among farriers, are given only for the purpose of conveying veving into the stomach of that rice and noble animal, the more disagreeable drugs which it would not swallow in drenches. Hence balls should not exceed size of a pallet's egg, and be di ped in sweet oil previons to their administration, that they may pass down the throat with greater facility. But as some horses have a straight gullet, and are remarkably averse to this method of taking medicine, it would be preferable to give them drenches, or mixtures with bran, or other mashes.—See I'akkiery.

Portable-balls for removing spots from clothes in general, may be tints prepared : take fuller's-earth perfectly dried, so that it crumbles into a powder; moisten it with the clear juice of lemons, and add a small quantity of pure pearl-ashes; then work and knead the whole carefully together, till it acquires the consistence of a thick paste; form it into convenient small balls, and expose them to the heat of the sun, in which they ought to be completely dried. In state, they are fiti for use in the manner as follows : First, moisten the spot on your clothes with wa-ter, then rub it with the ball just described, and purler it again to dry in the sun; after having washed the spot with pure water, it will entirely disappear.