Cream, the most oily part of milk : it is specifically lighter than the other constituents, collects and floats on the surface, whence it is generally skimmed, in order to separate effectually the caseous and serous parts employed for the making of Butter and Cheese, to which we refer.

Cream is an agreeable and very nourishing article of food, when fresh ; but too fat and difficult to be digested by persons of a sedentary life, or possessed of a weak stomach. It is nevertheless of considerable service in medicine, as a lenient (though palliative) application to tetters and erysipelas, which are attended with pain, and proceed from acrid humours.

A method of preserving cream, : Take 12 ounces of white sugar, and dissolve them in the smallest possible quantity of water, over a moderate fire. After the solution has taken place, the sugar ought to be boiled for about two minutes in an earthen vessel ; when 12 ounces of new cream should be immediately added, and the whole uniformly mixed, while hot. Let it then gradually cool, and pour it into a bottle, which must be carefully corked. If kept in a cool place, and not exposed to the air, it may be preserved in a sweet state for several weeks, and even months.

Cream. - Corstorphine Cream is a peculiar form of curd, much esteemed in the vicinity of Edinburgh, where it is prepared in the following manner : A vessel, the bottom of which must be perforated and stopped with a peg, is rilled with skimmed-milk, and placed within a tub or pail nearly full of boiling water: here it is suffered to remain for 24 or 48 hours, till the milk coagulates, and the watery part has subsided. The latter is then allowed to drain, by withdrawing the peg ; when the hole is again closed for 24 hours; at the end of which, an additional quantity of water is drawn off, and the curd generally acquires a due consistence : it is then briskly agitated with a wooden stick, and thus becomes fit for use.

In the summer season, this preparation affords an agreeably acid and cooling repast, which is in a certain degree nutritive; though it should not be eaten by those whose digestion is weak or impaired.