Cricket, an exercise or game, performed with bats and a ball. This sport was formerly confined solely to the labouring class of people, but is now becoming daily more fashionable among those, whose rank and fortune entitle their countrymen to expect a very different condu6t.

Although we have, on all occasions, enjoined proper muscular exercise, yet we strongly reprobate that of cricket, which is in all respects too violent, and, from the po-sitions into which players must necessarily throw themselves, cannot fail to be productive of frequent injury to the body. Indeed, we have witnessed several melancholy accidents which lately happened in our neighbourhood} and dislocations of the hip-joint, in particular, are by no means uncommon, from the auk ward posture occasioned by employing loth arms, at the same time, in striking a distant object. We trust the time is not very remote, when this game, like that of pugilism, will be utterly exploded by all who possess a corre6t taste, and have any regard for their constitution, as well as their respective situation in life.