Cuttings, or slips in gardening, are those brauches or sprigs of trees, which are cut or slipped off, in order to be transplanted; an operation that may be effected in any moist, fine earth. The most proper seasons for this purpose are the months of September, October, March, and April; but great care ought to be taken that the sap be not too abundant in the top, lest the cut decay, before that part which is in the ground, has taken sufficient root to support it; nor should it be too dry or scanty, as the sap in the branches promotes the growth of the root, especially if it be not planted too deep : See Transplantation.

In sele6ting the cuttings, those branches which have joints, knots or burrs, ought to be cut off two or three inches below the latter, and the leaves stripped so far as they are set in the earth. Small top-branches, of two or three years growth, are the most proper for this purpose.