Deformity generally signifies the want of that symmetry and uniformity, which are necessary to constitute the beauty of an object ; it is more particularly applied to the human frame.

The chief cause of the personal deformity so frequent at present, is the neglect of paying proper attention to the clothing of infants, by which they are deprived of the free use of their limbs ; and thus, in a great measure, rendered unserviceable to society. But, though deformity may apparently be prejudicial to health, it is ultimatelely a real advantage. Deformed persons, it is true, possess a less share of strength than others ; they should therefore be naturally more careful to preserve it, as well as their health ; which can be effected only by a strict adherence to temper ance. This object will likewise be considerably facilitated by mode rate exercise, which few, in such a situation, can want strength to perform ; and, as they are not calculated for violent exercise, they are consequently exempt from all the disorders arising from that source; and may thus attain a mature old age. For a further investigation of this subject, we refer the reader to an ingenious essay, intitled "Deformity," by Mr. Hat, in 8vo. published in the year 1/53, and of which a new edition appeared a few years since, collectively with his other works, in 2 volumes, 4to. where it is am ply discussed.