Door, in architecture, is a contrivance for securing an aperture in a wall, to admit persons to enter and leave a house or apartment.

The proportions of doors are, in general, regulated by those of the human frame. In capacious buildings, they ought always to be larger than in small ones ; but they should in none be less than 61/2 feet high, so as to allow a tall person to pass through it erect: the width must less than 3 feet.

Architects give tie following di mensions for doors : in small edifices, their breadth ought to be 4 or 41/2 feet; in those of a middle size, 5 or 6, in large buildings 7 or 8 : in chambers of the first description, 31/2, 31/4, or 4 feet; of the second, 4 or 4 feet; and of the third, 5 or 6; in churches, 7 or 8 ; and in gates, 9, 10, or 12 :— by these proportions the height of doors may be easily determined : excepting those designed for the gates of cities, which should be only four-fifths of their breadth.