Draught, in trade, is a small allowance on all goods capable of being weighed, and which is made by the King to the importer, or by the seller to the buyer, so that" the weight may not be deficient, when the goods are weighed again.—> Thus the King allows one pound draught for goods, that weigh not less than 1 cwt.; 2 lbs. for such as weigh between 1 and 2 cwt; 3 lbs. for those that weigh between 2 and 3 cwt.j 4 lbs. from 3 to l0cwt. ; 7lbs. from 10 to 18cwt.; 9lbs, from 18 to30cwt. and upwards.

Draught, or Draft, is also sometimes used for a bill of exchange, but generally for an order on a banker, or trader, for the payment of any sum of money that may be due, etc; in which case the person who gives the order is said to draw upon the other.