Dyers'-Green-Weed, or Wood-waxen, Genista linSloria, L. is an indigenous plant, growing in pastures, and on the borders of corn-fields. It produces yellow flowers, which blow in the month of July or August, and are succeeded by numerous seeds.

This herb is eaten by horses, cows, sheep, and goats : - the flowers afford a yellow colour, which is preferred to every other, for dyeing wool green. This plant also yields the fine yellow lacker of painters, by boiling the stalks and leaves in lime-water, and again placing the clarified decoction over the fire, with chalk and alum.

A dram and a half of the seeds, when pulverized, operate as a mild purgative. A' decoction of the whole plant is said to be diuretic, and has been given with success in cases of dropsy.