Economy, a term of extensive signification, and if its meaning be properly understood and practised, the result cannot fail to be attended with the happiest effects. It is, in particular, applied to rural, domestic, animal, political, and other objects, but more generally to the two first mentioned, which form the basis of the present work.

As, by our plan, we are confined to the alphabetical order, in which the different subjects of economy are discussed, according to their greater or less importance, we cannot, consistently, enlarge upon its theory. Those readers who are seriously inclined to adopt practicab/e rules of economy and frugality, will consult the particular articles connected with these measures : others, who wish to acquire more extensive information on rural and domestic economy in general, will be highly gratified by the perusal of Mr. J. Bannister's Synopsis of Husbandry (8vo. 0s. 1800), and especially the collection of the Re-ports of the Society for lettering the Condition of the Poor; a work which merits a place in every family library.