Elecampane, or Trivia, L. a genus of plants, consisting of thirty species, of which four only are indigenous, and the principal of these is the Helenium or Common Elecampane ; which is perennial, abounds in moist meadows and pastures, and flowers in July or

August. It is eaten by Horses and goats, but refused by hogs : - its roots, when bruised and macerate I In urine with balls of ashes and whortle-berries, dye a blue colour: •when dry, they possess an aromatic smell, and, on chewing them, become acrid and pungent: they are likewise in some repute for promoting expectorations in asthmas and coughs. If liberally taken, they are diuretic, and said to be of great service in removing visceral obstructions. - A decoction of this plant has been employed by farmers for the cure of the scab in sheep: and, externally applied, for removing disorders of the skin.—• Prof. Knackstaedt, of St. Peters-burgh, has lately prescribed the elecampane both ways, and found it a remedy of singular efficacy, in curing the scald head, itch, etc.