Emulsion, a form of medicine resembling milk, and which is often prescribed with a view to sheath and neutralize acrid humours, especially in heat of urine and stranguries, as well as for nervous and irritable habits in general. Emulsions are frequently made, by boiling the oily and farinaceous seeds contained in kernels; in which case they are soon decomposed, on standing. In short, we cannot even approve of almond-milk, as it soon becomes rancid in summer, and is, upon the whole, inferior to emulsions made of gum-arabic, or merely of decoctions of pearl-bar-ley.blanched oats,wheat, rice, etc. - If these simple medicines are expected to be productive of any advantage, they ought to be taken in draughts, thoughts, amounting at least to half a pint every hour, rather cool than lookwarm (to save the stomach from relaxation), and to be continued for several days, without eating animal food. In hot weather, or where no objection to acids prevails, a table-spoonful of lemon-juice, or good vinegar, may be added to every draught of the emulsion.