Fair, a public place, where merchants, traders, and other persons, from remote parts, assemble on some fixed day in the year, to buy and sell commodities, and to partake of the diversions usually to be met with on such occasions.— See Market.

Fairs are of very ancient origin, and, though in former times, when the commercial intercourse of distant towns and countries was more difficult than it is at present, such establishments were useful, and perhaps necessary ; yet, we are of opinion, that their gradual abolition would be attended with real benefit to the community. - Many scenes of idleness and profligacy might thus be obviated, and an additional number of valuable house and shop-keepers might be maintained in •country towns and villages, in order to furnish the necessary commodities - instead of those unsettled dealers who spend one half of their time in 'travelling from fair to fair, and thus consume the profits of their trades, without materially contributing to support the bur-thens of society.