Fall, or the act of tumbling from an erect, posture, or from a higher place, is sometimes attended with serious consequences ; especially if it should be neglected in the beginning. Hence the necessity of examining the whole body, whether the fall has been productive of violent bruises, dislocations, or fractures ; in which cases surgical aid should be immediately procured. But, if the person fallen, remain motionless, and in a swooning state ; or in order to prevent him from tainting, it may be useful to administers wine-glassful of sweet oil of olives, which will greatly tend to calm and compose the Whole body.

After a fall from a precipice, or high -place, it will perhaps be necessary to open a vein; but we cannot approve of that superstitious remedy, on this occasion, advised by the late Prof. Bradley; ac-cording to whom, the blood issuing from the comb of a large cock, and gradually drunk, after every clipping with a pair of scissars, gives to much vigour and strength to the wounded, as to enable him to be dressed.