Generation, in physiology, implies the propagation of the species, whether in plants, insects, fishes, or other animals.

Having referred the reader to this article, under the head of " Animalcule," (vol. i. p. 5/), we are obliged only to explain the term, without entering into speculative theories, none of which has hitherto been sanctioned by general authority.

Generation*, is also used, in Scripture, for genealogy, or the series of children issued, from a common parent. More frequently, however, is the word generation employed at present, to signify an an, or the average period of human life. Hence we say, "to the third and fourth generation ;"in which sense historians generally compute the space of about 33 years to each generation. Thus, Herodotus divides a century, or 100 years, into three generations ; a calculation that appears to be tolerably correct, from the latest results of political arithmetic.